The Steering Committee’s own EPIC ADVENTURE

Weeks 1-3 When I heard about the steering committee, I knew that it was where I wanted to be. Event management and project management is an area that I am not only interested… Continue reading


Ethical Dilemma

Our first idea for Project Brief 4a was to make a film about the social model of disability. That it is society who disables people rather than their physical differences. Because we had… Continue reading

What comes first? The form or the content?

Narrowing down ideas for Project Brief 4 has been very difficult. Firstly because of the formal restrictions on this film, and secondly because of the huge range of content that we are able… Continue reading

Real Food film shoot

The second part of Project Brief 3 was a short 3 minute film that we had to shoot ourselves. Our inspiration came from “The Katering Show”, a youtube series that mocks cooking shows.… Continue reading

Ideas for a found footage film (Pt 2)

For 2 weeks our found footage film on the progression of women’s liberation remained structurally the same but I knew that something wasn’t quite right. I got this as feedback during the in… Continue reading

Ideas for a found footage film

The found footage film is 3 minutes, and in 3 minutes, we all agreed, it was best to focus in on something specific rather than take on a broad topic. With the four… Continue reading

What defines a documentary? 

It appears to me, that so far, the various definitions of documentary I have come across are problematic. The definition given by the Oxford Dictionary is “Consisting of or based on official documents”.… Continue reading

The Place of Art in Political Documentary (First thoughts)

Can something be both political and poetic?  For something to be recognised as political, in particular a documentary, it often has to be shown in a literal and traditional setting. A documentary film… Continue reading


In the lecture this week season one episode one of Mad Men was analyzed in regards to its production and industrial context, genre, characters, plot and formal elements such as mise-en-scene. I am… Continue reading